HMRC Announcement that millions of UK tax payers have paid the incorrect amount of PAYE over the last 2 years and will be asked to repay any shortfall: I think that this has always happened, but new advances in HMRC’s technology has enabled them to send these letters out en masse for the first time. There are many reasons why a person might have paid the wrong amount of tax; if you’ve had more than one job, you might have claimed your full allowance twice. If you changed jobs and didn’t give your new employer a P45 from your previous job, your tax could be wrong. I don’t really think that HMRC need to apologise for what’s happened, maybe they should have warned us that it was coming, but in theory it always could have done and did happen to some individuals. They don’t want to admit that previous years PAYE could also be wrong, because the only people that will want to question how much they’ve paid, are the people that are due refunds and that could be costly for HMRC. Maybe they’re looking into the technology to sort that out. I do hope not!

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