Child Benefit to be withdrawn for higher rate tax-payers:This hasn’t been very well thought out at all. Did the Con-Dem’s consult anyone before announcing this? There seems to be no thought at all about the fact that some families may only have one bread-winner, for whatever reason. In the case of single families, what will happen if the father is a higher rate payer and has absconded and is already neglecting his responsibilities? In the case of unmarried co-habiting parents, will they now want to follow Ed Milliband’s lead and not put the father’s name on the birth certificate? Who is going to Police this and how? If they stopped benefits for families in the 50% bracket (earning over £150,000), it would make more sense. Some people don’t want to take these benefits, but have no choice. We could make it easier for them to decline them.

PAYE is calculated on a retrospective basis. What if you don’t know what your income is going to be in the coming tax year – are the self-employed going to suffer yet again? Will we have the same situation as we had with tax credits where you have to guess your future income and pay back any money incorrectly claimed?

My suggestion is that for children born after a certain date (in the future); we only pay child benefit for the first one or two children. People do need to consider whether or not they can afford to have children before they have them, but I don’t believe that it is children who should be the first to suffer under the Con-Dem cuts.

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